A remake of the classic Commodore 64 game
Written by Mark Rosten, using Blitz Basic for the PC.

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To learn how to use this awesome basic language I thought that I would remake an old Commodore 64 game that I love to pieces. I remember fondly playing Bruce Lee with my mates on my old '64, so what better game than one I knew inside out and one that hadn't been 'remade' for the PC (that I could find anyway).


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16th November - I'm about to start work on a level editor for Bruce Lee. You will be able to create NEW levels using the existing level's tile sets. I'll post screenshots and information as soon as I have made enough progress on it.

1st November - No news I'm afraid on Bruce Lee enhancements. I've been busy playing Dark Age of Camelot when I get a chance to use my computer, but I'm on holiday in a few weeks time so I'm thinking of revamping my map editor for Bruce Lee for general use. The main change to it, apart from making it more user friendly, is to allow the levels themselves to be created out of the tileset I use for the game. The existing game only used tiles to save space on the distribution, but the map data was grabbed during the tile creation process, so the map editor only dealt with placing the spawn points, objects (lanterns, moving objects, etc.), and computer A.I. pathing data. I'll post more news and ideas here when I get them :)

15th October - Just a quick update to add Reda's great Open DNA site link (and nice banner) to my links section. In case you didn't know, Reda has been doing some great Blitz 3d demos and all of them come with source code! Reda has also started a new game with a complete development diary, so check out the Open DNA site in the links, or jump straight to Reda's site >here<.

On a totally non-Blitz or Bruce Lee related front, I've just received my copy of Dark Age of Camelot. Yay! For those not in the-know, this is a brand new MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) and it's excellent! Visit the official site >here< to see what it's all about. If you are on the Kay server, and play in the Albion realm, drop my Cleric character Vold a message :) I can see this will be diverting my free time away from Blitz ;)

15th October (a.m) - I've taken a small break from coding for a while. I did want to get into Blitz 3d coding, but I think I'll wait for the manual to arrive before starting something new. In the meantime I'm thinking of adding a few extra features to Bruce Lee. I'm not going to say what they are, but keep an eye on this sight as I'll release some new information when I have something nice to show you :)

6th October - BUG FIX RELEASE! 1.12
I've just uploaded version 1.12 which fixes a couple of bugs that people have let me know about. Here's a list of changes:

- Changed control options to allow Joypad port zero to be selected.
- Added joystick/pad sensitivity setting to control options. Select 1-9. 4 is default (the higher the number, the less sensitive the game is to joystick/pad movement changes).
- Fixed swords and spikes on screen 7. They didn't kill you :) They now do :(
- Fixed screen changes between screens 11 -> 12, and 19 -> 18
- Added extra error trapping to the load of images, sounds, and data. The files must exist within the proper subdirectory! Extended error details are displayed for these errors.
- (new self extracting zip exectuable)

Click >Here< to download it now!

6th October (a.m) - Apparently joypads do not work correctly with Bruce Lee. This is something I am looking into, having just borrowed a couple of joypads from my cousin Chris. Also, a couple of people have been getting an 'Illegal Memory Address' error. As I've had over 2000 downloads of the final release so far, this problem seems very rare, but I will be looking into the problem this weekend. I may add more error trapping code on the load of data and images to see where the problem is.

3rd October - I've received a lot of nice emails about the final release. Thanks to everyone that took the time to email me about your Bruce Lee experience :) I've also removed the old news to tidy up the site a bit. As I'm receiving a lot of hits to this site I need to keep the bandwidth usage down a bit :(

It's done! I've finished adding the remainder of the levels. I've tweaked the game here and there, and added support for a different joystick port than port 1. I've been play testing extensively today and I think the full game is finally ready for general release. Of course, if you find a bug or have a problem with the download email me and I will do my best to fix the problem.

Click >Here< to download it now!

Now it's time for a bit of a breather from 2d. Time for some coding in Blitz 3d! :)

Just a final thanks to everyone that has taken the time to email me or leave an entry in my guest book. You guys (and gals) are the reason I have taken the time to finish this little learning project of mine! Best wishes, Mark.

23rd September - The end is in sight for this little remake. I've added all of the levels now apart from the last 2 (the wizard level, and the treasure room level). I'm hoping to get another level done this week if I can. Failing that I should have both levels in by the end of next weekend. With a very small bit of tweaking, the game should be released in it's finished remake state by the 1st of October.

21st September - Well it's been slow (as in no) progress on Bruce Lee this week. I've far too busy with real life stuff :( But I aim to rectify that this weekend by going for it big time in order to finish this little remake. I have only got 5 more levels to add to the game, as well as tweaking the last few screens I've added (annoying teleporter screens). I'm hoping to get quite a bit done but don't expect the final release this weekend. Maybe next weekend :)

In case you didn't know, Blitz 3d has just been released! I'v purchased it online and spent a couple of hours last night playing with the samples that come with it. It's awesome! I am very excited about using all the luverly new 3d stuff in my next project. But I must try and leave it alone in order to get on with finishing Bruce Lee. It will be a struggle, but I should manage it ;)

16th September - 2 more levels added today. That makes 13 out of the 19 unique screens done so far. It's quite a time consuming task and is slowed down by the new scenery/animation that need adding to the game engine. I'm getting there though ;) I've added some new screenshots of these levels in action. Click >here< to jump to the new screenshots.

15th September - I've added a few more levels to Bruce Lee today. New scenery and a bit of coding was required to get the appearing and disappearing platform working in screen 10 (the 10th unique level in the game, not a re-used level). I'll be adding levels (hopefully) at a steady pace over the next couple of weeks. I'll make regular progress reports as usual.

I'd just like to thank everyone for leaving comments in my Guest Book. It's a quick and easy way of leaving little notes to me on what you think of my little game, and it's very interesting reading your comments. Thank you.

13th September - Fresh back from my visit to Guildhall on Wednesday. It was a very interesting day and nice to meet some of the people not only from the message boards but from Guildhall as well. I'll type up some details of the visit at the weekend. No progress on Bruce until the weekend. It's been a busy week :(

10th September - Today I received a nice email from George Bray at Guildhall (the company behind Blitz Basic) inviting me along to their open day this Wednesday (the 12th). It's going to be an informal day to give a select few a look at the company behind this great games programming language. We are being asked to bring along people's questions about Blitz Basic with us to so if you have anything you would like to know about Blitz Basic, Blitz Basic 3d, or anything else Blitz please send me an email before 8:30am on Wednesday to this address >here<. Myself and the other lucky individuals will try our best to get your questions answered.

10th September - I've just received a few more screenshots from Smila showing off Bruce Lee 2001. Take a >look< and see what you think. It's looking very nice if you ask me and I can't wait to get my hands on another remake of this classic game. 

9th September - DEMO (v1.0) RELEASED!
I've just uploaded the new version 1.0 demo version of Bruce Lee. So what are you waiting for? Download it now from >here<.
As always, if you have a problem with the game or have found a bug, please send me an email or leave a comment in my guest book. Thanks.

Changes since beta release:
- Levels 8 and 9 added
- 3 difficulty level settings (easy, normal, and hard) (this affects number of lives, spawn timings, cpu control movement/attack delays, number of hits required to dispatch Yamo/Ninja, and path finding intelligence of Yamo)
- Joystick support (change via the Controls screen from the main menu)
- Tweaks to the level design
- New animating scenery and code to change certain scenery animation direction and speed
- Tweaks to the computer control code
- Tweaks to the control of Bruce (including the collision detection routines)
- New sound effects playing code. Thanks goes to Morduun for his original ideas, posted on the Blitz Coder forums. Cheers mate!
- New sound effects added
- Updated existing sound effects (tidied them up a bit)
- Various bug fixes

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the game and everyone that posted comments on the various message boards that I posted the beta announcement on. Special thanks to Chris Heavey, Graham Goring, Leif Bloomquist, Brendan Reid, Martin Pugh, Piti, Rob, and Scotty. Thanks guys for taking the time to email me your bug reports and ideas for improvements to the game!

I've updated the screenshots and moved the old ones to a separate page. Hope you like them.

Speaking of screenshots, this week I received an email from Smila which included a screenshot of Bruce Lee 2001!
All I can say is Wow! No need for me to update my effort's graphics any more, not when somebody else has produced such a nice looking remake of this classic game. Apparently this version should be ready in a few months. I can't wait! Take a look at this screenshot to view what this other great Bruce Lee remake looks like. Thanks Smila! Keep up the good work. I'll post any news of this other game as I get any.

View the Bruce Lee 2001 screenshots >here<.

8th September - Not long now folks! The latest incarnation of Bruce Lee for the PC is just around the corner. It's been a very productive day. Joystick support is now in (I'll stick with keyboard control, but each to his or her own). You can select joystick for either player in the control configuration screen. A few tweaks to the map designs including a couple of missing bits of appearing scenery have also been added to the 'done' list today. As has a couple of more sound effects. I suppose the big change for demo release will be the difficulty level system I have just implemented. You can select either Easy, Normal, or Hard. The timings of the Yamo/Ninja characters are affected by this setting, as is the computer 'intelligence' code. This means Yamo doesn't chase you over gaps in platforms and climb up after you if you select the Easy setting. Hopefully this will be good enough for the few people who asked for a 'trainer' option :) Tomorrow is final testing before the new demo is released. I haven't had my usual tester (my cousin Chris) around this weekend so if any bugs slip past me it's his fault!

04th September - Another weekend has gone by and more progress on Bruce Lee. I've found and fixed the bugs list I've had building up from people's feedback. Also a fair bit of tweaking has been done. Screens 8 and 9 are in and fully working, and the beta references have been removed. The game now ends at the transition of screen 9 to screen 10 (as yet not in the game). This will be all the levels in the demo. I've just added this evening the opening sound attached to collecting groups of objects. This sound is played when entering a new screen where an opening has now appeared due to picking up lanterns on other screens. Not much more to do before demo release. I'm hoping to have this next release ready by the end of the weekend. Bye for now. 

31st August - Been a slow week so far. I've been responding to a fair bit of feedback from people who have played the beta and I'm in the progress of finding and fixing the few bugs that have come up. I'm tweaking some of the gameplay slightly to make it closer to the original version, for example: I've changed the jumping trajectory allowing you to collect 2 lanterns close together (screen 1 and 3). I've also been using some new sound playing code, initially provided by Morduun on the Blitz Coder forums (great place for help from other Blitz'ers!). I'm still tinkering with that, but rest assured the sound will be much better in the next (demo) release. I'll also tidied up some of the sound effects as well. A few had too much blank space at the end of them and a couple had nasty 'spikes' in them making it sound even more choppier than it should have done. They sound much better now. I'll be spending tomorrow fixing the last of the bugs and changing the sound code. Then next week I'll add screens 7 and 8 as well as joystick support and I should be ready for the proper demo release. 

28th August - No changes today. I've spent the day scanning the message forums for feedback on the beta release. I've received a few very positive replies and some nice emails from people who have downloaded and played the beta. It gives me that extra bit of incentive to not only finish the game, but to expand upon the work I have done so far when the final remake is done. I'm keeping track of all peoples ideas and suggestions and I will be going over them when the final 'remake' is complete. Thanks for your input so far, and keep it coming! ;)

27th August - BETA RELEASED!
I've just uploaded the zip file containing the beta release of Bruce Lee. This is essentially what the demo will be minus some sound effects and a couple of bits and pieces. What I am really after is feedback from people that download it and play it.  

Feedback I am really looking for (although any at all is welcome!): 
Does it run on your machine? (if not, what specification is your machine?, what o/s?)
What does it play like? (is it way too slow or too fast?)
Is the game too easy/hard (or even spot on)?
Do you like/dislike any or all aspects of the remake? 

I have not included a direct link on to the download on this site as I want to try and track how many people download it and any immediate comments they have. Therefore, I have updated my entry on the Blitz Coder Showcase with the relevant details. You can access the Blitz Coder showcase by clicking >here< or my Bruce Lee entry by clicking >here<. The showcase is a nice system that allows you to make comments against an entry and even vote for it. I'll be checking my entry in the next couple of weeks to see if anybody has downloaded, commented on, or voted for my little creation. Anyway, please follow the link and download the game and see what you think. The zip contains a text file with release notes for the beta release. Again, I can't stress this enough, I am after any and all feedback from whoever decides to download and play this game. Thanks very much in advance.

26th August 2001 - I've been busy this weekend tweaking the game and getting everything ready for a beta release. I've rewritten the frame limiting (and catch up) code to allow for a variety of machines and the new system seems to work a treat. I was all set for to release the beta today (Sunday) but have decided to wait until tomorrow to give me some time to throw together a method of redefining the keyboard controls. I've decided to do this as I couldn't attack with Bruce on my brother's laptop as I had the right control key set for Bruce's attack key, which I didn't have on his laptop :( Never mind, it won't delay things, as I originally anticipated a release date of Monday the 27th.

23rd August 2001 - Just a quick update. Screen 7 animating scenery in and looking nice. I've just added Bruce Lee to the Blitz Coder Showcase section. Click >here< to take a look at my entry using this new Showcase system. It's looking good and it's only just started, so imagine what it will be like when it's fully fledged and as popular as it deserves to be. So drop by and add your Blitz creations to this handy site.

22nd August 2001 - Not that much progress so far this week on the game. Too busy in real life (tm). But that should change this weekend. I'm finishing the animating scenery on screen 7 at the moment, then I need to add 2 more objects to that screen and it's complete. The ai for Yamo has been tweaked again, my friend was complaining he was too hard, so I've added a few extra pauses in his intelligence. I think I need to spend an hour of so observing the original game just to see how Yamo behaved in certain situations (delays between attacks, etc.). If all goes well I should have a beta version available by the end of Monday the 27th, as it's a bank holiday that monday here in England so I'll have an extra days weekend with which to tinker with Bruce and friends.

19th August 2001 - Another weekend bites the dust, with yet more progress on Bruce and friends. I've been mainly tweaking the computer players and finding and fixing bugs this weekend. I've added the moving electricity to screen 6 and coded the layout of map 7 in the map designer. Only 2 more items left on map 7 to finish all the first 7 levels looking how I think they should. This is the initial level limit I have imposed for a beta/demo release. I've also added a screen once you complete the initial 7 levels, just a small message before returning back to the game selection screen. I would hope to have the last 2 items on map 7 coded and in by the end of this week, leaving next weekend to tweak further and (hopefully) prepare a distributable beta version. I've added 2 more screenshots of levels 5 and 6, showing Bruce avoiding the pesky computer players.

17th August 2001 - It's Friday night and I've just finished a few more hours on Bruce Lee. I've tinkered with the computer players a bit. I've decided to make Yamo slightly more intelligent. So far, he runs down to the climbable scenery, and comes up after you! Something the Commodore 64 version didn't do, but I believe makes the game a bit tougher and more interesting. I've also  added the T'Sung-Lin (or bushes that appear from nowhere to kill you!) to screen 6. I had to tweak the animation code to allow for the collapsible effect that goes with them. Works really well. Will need to adjust the timings to perfection with a bit more testing. Something I'll revisit before releasing the demo. Speaking of the demo, I'm thinking of releasing a beta version to get people to play and (hopefully) give me feedback. I've a couple of friends that I'll pester in to testing for me, but I'd like as many people as possible really. Send me an email if you would be interested in testing my little creation, before anyone else! =) That's all for now. I'll probably update at the end of this weekend, after which I should have at least all the screens added so far fully working, and the collision detection and computer players tweaked a bit more.

15th August 2001 - Added 2 more levels last night, just a bit of tweaking but they are pretty much up and running. The computer players seem to be working okay. I'll leave them be and tweak them as and when I test the game more thoroughly. I'm hope to have the gameplay fully completed by this time next week, so a demo shouldn't be that far after.

12th August 2001 - I've had a nice productive weekend on Bruce Lee. Lots of changes. Things are really starting to shape up now.

I added some initial versions of sounds to the game at the start of the weekend, mainly because the game was oh so quiet. They are only placeholder sounds ripped from the emulated Commodore 64 version at the moment. More will be added later on.

The control of the Ninja character was added on Saturday. For the initial release Ninja will go back to being CPU controlled, but as the code I use for movement is pretty generic I could add control of Ninja to a player quite easily. The only thing about having someone control Ninja is that in the original Commodore 64 version Ninja couldn't jump at all. So he was fairly limited in tracking down Bruce.

The collision detection between Bruce, Yamo and Ninja is in. Slight tweaking will be needed after more play testing, but the initial code seems pretty solid. All players die and re-spawn.

The initial CPU control of Yamo and Ninja is up and running now. I had to change the map editor to store basic AI pathing data for the levels (see the new screenshot here). The system I have used is quite simple and seems to work well, so far anyway. It's interesting playing with CPU control of the characters. I'm finding I'm having to place more delays in their 'thought' process as initially Yamo was punching Bruce to death. That was one mean Yamo ;)

I can see that the AI is going to have to be a work in progress and will need tweaking as the new maps are added and new obstacles are placed in the path of Yamo and Ninja (and after a lot of play testing as well of course). Making Ninja and Yamo more intelligent that the original game is something I'm not sure of at the moment. I'll be aiming to make the CPU control of both  characters as close to the original as possible. Any advancements in their route finding will be added as deemed necessary.

09th August 2001 - Nothing much to report the last couple of days, been busy with other RL stuff :( Work will progress this coming weekend, by the end of which I intend to: a) Add control of the Ninja character (for testing of moves and collision detection) b) have full collision detection between all the players (Bruce, Yamo, and Ninja), including falling collisions between players.

06th August 2001 - Basic collision detection between Bruce and Yamo is in and working. Bruce can kick and punch Yamo, de-spawning him after a certain number of hits. Just need to duplicate the code for Yamo hitting Bruce now...

05th August 2001 - Had a productive weekend. The control the 2nd player (in this instance, Yamo) is in, and working fine with the alternate set of animations. How much of a pain is testing controlling 2 characters at once on one keyboard, by myself! :(

05th August 2001 - Created this web page. For information on what is completed so far, check further down the page.


    Non-remake related screenshots

Bruce Lee 2001 - Another remake of this great game in progress. Screenshots courtesy of Smila.

Please do not email me asking about this version. Any news on this other game will be posted as I receive it. There is no known website for this new game (yet).

This game has nothing to do with my version. Unfortunately.)



If you have any ideas/suggestions/requests, email Mark by clicking >here<.

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