A PC game based on the classic Commodore 64 game
Written by Mark Rosten, using Blitz 3d
Development abandoned

Original version (c) 1984, 1985 Electronic Arts
Programming: Rick Koenig & Connie Goldman, Sound: Dave Warhol

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After getting to grips programming with Blitz Basic writing my popular Bruce Lee remake, and after a bit of a break from programming, I decided to start a new project using Blitz 3d (the 3d incarnation of this great programming language). As I like the retro remake challenge I decided to try and create a new version of Racing Destruction Set, based on the original Commodore 64 version (were there other versions?).

The game will be 'based on' the original Commodore 64 version and a not a direct remake (like my almost pixel-perfect Bruce Lee remake was). I'm hoping the game's original look and feel will still be there in this new version, but as it's using a 3d engine instead of 2d it will of course look different to the original. I'm hoping that all of the original's features will be included with a few enhancements here and there.

If you are not familiar with the original game, view a review of it at the Stadium 64 website >here<.



2003-03-04 - Development Abandoned.
It's been months since I had the time and desire to work on this remake so I've decided to abandon my development for the foreseeable future. I simply don't have enough free time to spend coding after a full week's coding at work, and when I do use my computer I surf the Net or play a couple of MMORPG games. I apologise to those kind people who have sent me emails and left guestbook/forum entries expressing an interest in the remake. I will keep what work I have done safe in the slim chance that I will return to it sometime in the future, which also means I won't be releasing any of my source code either I'm afraid. Kind regards, Mark Rosten.

2003-01-23 - Off on hols!.
I'm just about to leave for 2 weeks skiing in Canada (Cool! ) but I intend to get back into coding my RDS remake when back and fully recovered , so speak to you then! Regards, Mark.

2003-01-02 - Happy New Year!.
Just a quick note to say I haven't forgotten about this site or my remake. I'll be getting back to it within the next month or so, after my 2 week skiing holiday in Banff, Canada . Thanks for your continued support for this remake through emails and my guestbook.

2002-10-30 - Development on hold.
Hi folks. I'm afraid I'm having to put development on hold for the time being, I'm just not getting enough time at the moment to work on this game as well as other real life stuff . Hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things around the Christmas period (when I have some time off from work). Regards, Mark.

2002-10-24 - Site moved.
I've moved web hosts for this domain so please let me know if you encounter any problems on the new site. Thanks.

2002-10-10 - (lack of) Progress Update.
Just a quickie to say I've been taking a brief break from work on the game. I've been real busy at home and work and needed a breather away from the computer. But I am now starting to toy with some rigid body physics code which will evolve into the basic movement and collision code (hopefully ), so work will continue. I WILL finish this game, trust me .

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    Screen shots

All screenshots are WORK IN PROGRESS!
Models/Textures will be changed before a demo is released.

Development shots (menu system shots, track designer shots, etc.):
Race options within the menu system (15 Sep 2002) Vehicle selection screen (10th September 2002) The track designer in action (as at 1st September 2002) Track selection screen within the menu, showing the track playlist options

In-Game shots:
Game paused on moon gravity with camera zoom distance set to maximum (24 Sep 2002) Game paused on moon gravity with camera zoom setting set real close (24 Sep 2002) Jumping around in Moon gravity, showing new HUD fonts (17 Sep 2002) One player mode with the splits-screen option turned off (15 Sep 2002)

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